Rare Breed Farm Animals

Some of the rare breeds we have on the farm

Here you can see some of the animals we have here at Croxteth Park Farm. Many are listed as rare, endangered or at risk. Our breeding programmes are organised working closely alongside the RBST to help to keep these rare and valuable animal breeds alive.

Irish Moiled Cattle (Minority)


Hi, my name is Pablo, I am an Irish Moiled bull. Irish Moiled are a minority breed, fortunately, I am part of a herd of Irish Moiled cattle on the farm. When first bought in 1984 the Croxteth herd was the only one on mainland Britain, today it is the largest herd in mainland Britain.

White Park Cows (Minority)


My name is Ellie, I am a White Park Cow. As part of the RBST I am now number 5 on the list which is 'Minority'. This means that there are still only 750 – 1500 of us registered in the UK but much better than in 2014 when I was number 4 - 'At Risk'. I can proudly say that I helped this to happen as, being part of the breeding programme on Croxteth Park Farm, I gave birth to a daughter.

Hereford Cow (Minority)


My name is Belle. I am a Hereford Cow, a minority breed that originally came from Herefordshire, in the West Midlands.

Native Aberdeen Angus (Endangered)


I'm Grace an Aberdeen Angus. My breed originated in Scotland, we are adaptable to all weather conditions and thrive easily. Neither males or females have horns, we are usually black but can sometimes also be a dark reddish colour.

Belted Galloway (Recently moved from minority)


Hi my name is Oreo, I'm a Belted Galloway bull. Originally from the Galloway hills, we will thrive outdoors in any weather. I have a coarse outer coat to shed rain and a soft undercoat for insulation and waterproofing, so we are suited to spending winter outside.

Gloucester Cow (At risk)


My name is Poppy, I am a Gloucester cow. Back in 1973, our breed was almost extinct! Today Gloucester cattle are 'at risk' on the RBST Watchlist, which means that our numbers are still very low.

Dexter Cattle


I'm Fiona, this year I had my forth calf named Bruce. We are part of the Dexter Herd. There are over 1500 registered adult breeding females in the UK which means that we're not on the RBST Watchlist - great news for us. Dexters are the smallest breed of cow in the UK and have been kept in Croxteth for over 90 years.

English Longhorn Cattle (Recently moved from minority)


My name is Gloria, I am an English Longhorn Cow. Recently, because of rare breed farms such as Croxteth Park Farm and the RBST, English Longhorns have been moved off the watchlist. This doesn’t mean we don’t need looking after, just that the great work that the RBST do and the breeding programmes have been successful in improving our numbers.

Highland Cattle

There's a whole herd of us!

Hi there, we are the Highland herd. As you can see, we have sturdy bodies with a very shaggy coat, a fringe over our faces and long spreading horns. Our colours vary from yellow to red, or even black. We are long-lived and can withstand harsh weather conditions, that's why you will still see us out in the fields in the winter - originally from the Highlands of Scotland, we are used to harsh weather.

Interesting fact: We have lived on Croxteth Park for 80 years.

Other animals on the farm

Our other animals are listed below. Many of these are rare breeds too!


Boreray (Vulnerable)
North Ronaldsay (Vulnerable)
Kerry Hill (Recently moved from minority)


Clydesdale Horse (Vulnerable)
Falabella Ponies
Shetland Pony
Miniature Mediterranean Donkey


Bagot (Vulnerable)
Golden Guernsey (Minority)


Brown Leghorn Chickens
Silkie Chickens
Andalusian Chickens
Aylesbury Ducks
Guinea Fowl
Golden Pheseant


Middle White (Endangered)
Large White (Vulnerable)
Oxford Sandy and Black (At risk)
Gloucester Old Spot (At risk)
British Saddleback (At risk)