Rare Breed Farm Animals

Some of the rare breeds we have on the farm

Here you can see some of the animals we have here at Croxteth Park Farm. Many are listed as rare, endangered or at risk. Our breeding programmes are organised working closely alongside the RBST and help to keep these rare and valuable animal breeds alive.

Our cows are a chatty bunch, so we’ll let them introduce themselves!

Irish Moiled Cattle (At Risk)


Hi! My name is Diane and I was born on the 20th May 1999. This makes me a big 16 years old – old cow I know!! I am also known as the Grandma of the farm.
I am an Irish Moiled and would you believe that my family are at risk and on the RBST Watchlist 2015, there are only 450 to 750 registered Irish Moiled in the UK.
In total I have had 3 children who are now all grown up and have moooooovedd out. My mother was the very first Irish Moiled to be brought to mainland to start the herd here at Croxteth Park Farm. That's lucky for me otherwise I would not have been here to tell you this story today!
I hope to see you around the farm soon - you must come in and say good mooooorning!
Interesting fact: In my spare time I love telling jokes - try this one:
Two cows are in a field. One goes, ‘Moooooo!’
 The other cow turns to her and says, 'I was going to say that!'
 Tickles me every time... Haha!!!!!!

White Park Cows (At Risk)

Ellie & Snowdrop

Mooorning my name is Ellie I am a White Park Cow. My birthday is 1st June 2008 which makes me 6½ years old, nearly 7!!!

As part of the RBST I am now number 5 on the list which is “Minority”. This means that there are still only 750 – 1500 of us registered in the UK but this is brilliant compared to 2014 where I was number 4 which is “At Risk” - I can proudly say that I helped this happen as being part of the breeding programme on Croxteth Park Farm where I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl Snowdrop… come take a look!

Interesting Fact: My favourite time of year is Christmas. I just think its magical, especially when it snows and the farm is all white. That’s why I called my little calf Snowdrop.

Hiya everyone my name is Snowdrop. I am 2½, my birthday is on 14th June 2012. I can't wait to be 3… I'm going to have a birthday party with cake and candles and lots of mooooosic that I can bop too! You are all invited, I hope you can make it?. I will post my invites on the Croxteth Park website so keep checking, I wouldn’t want you to miss it! Make sure you tell your friends, the moooore the merrier!
Interesting Fact: My favorite Mooooovie is Frozen - “Do you wanna build a snowman?”

Hereford Cow


Yoohoo… Primmy here! Nice to see you all, my name is Primrose but my friends call me Primmy which means you can too now we're all muckers, right?
I was born 20th April 2009 which makes me nearly 6 but don’t tell anyone will you. I know what you're thinking, I don’t look a day over 2 - fab aren’t I! That’s why I'm the one who is halter trained and you can get your photograph taken with me if you want. Don’t be mooo-aning because I look better than you - It's just the way it goes when you look as good as moo!

Interesting fact: I love getting my photo taken and one day I am going to be a mooo-del on the cow-walk!

Red Poll Cattle

Ruby & Amber

We are the Red Poll sisters and our names are Ruby and Amber. Like the Longhorn herd, us Red Polls were also removed from the Watchlist in 2015. “Can I get a Whoop whoop?” Go Rubes, Go Ambs!

Red Polls are the best miking cows in the business and we all know that if we drink milk it makes our bones nice and strong and keeps our teeth strong and healthy too. Our Dentist Mr Tickle will be so proud of us when he sees our teeth. We love to play together and chill together.

The only thing we don’t agree on is our favourite TV show. Ruby - ``Mine is Pepper Pig``. Amber - ``Mine is Doc McStuffin``.

Gloucester Cow & Calf (Vulnerable)

Trudy & Poppy

Well hello there! My name is Trudy. My birthday is 21st April 2008 and I am 6 years old. This year I was very lucky to have a calf which is great news for us Gloucester cows as we are currently on the RBST Watchlist 2015. We are Vulnerable with only 250 to 450 of us registered in the UK. My calf was born on Remembrance Day… can anyone guess what name I picked for her? Yes that’s right - Poppy! Perfect name don’t you think? Say hello to Poppy – she is amazeballs!!!

Interesting fact : My favourite TV show is The X Factor… and don’t tell anyone but I have a crush on Simooooon COWell… Haha! Oh and also, our milk makes the best cheese ever!

Hiya, my name is Poppy and I am a little shy as I was only born this year on Remembrance Day. Me and my Mum have lots of fun on the farm and my Mum said that if you are good for your Mums and Dads that they might bring you down to the farm where you can have lots of fun too.

Come and see me and all my friends - I can’t wait to meet you!

Dexter Cattle

Sherry & Bluebell

Hi everyone, I'm Sherry and I also have a daughter named Bluebell. We are part of the Dexter Herd. There are over 1500 registered adult breeding females in the UK. We are still a rare breed but we're not on the Watchlist which is great news for us. Did you know we are the smallest breed of cow in the UK and Lord Sefton used to keep us Dexters for Pets?

Interesting fact: Bluebell and I both have the same birthday. I was born 13th June 2008 and Bluebell was born 13th June 2012. One way to make sure Bluebell doesn’t forget my Birthday... Hey, good planning Mum, even if I do say so myself!

Longhorn Cattle


Hello, nice to meet you, my name is Gloria. I am 6 years old and Croxteth Park Farm is my most favourite place on earth, all my friends are here. This year, because of Croxteth Park Farm and the RBST, us Longhorns have been moved off the watchlist. This doesn’t mean we don’t need looking after, just that the great work that the RBST do and the breeding programmes have been successful, so our numbers have grown which is good news for me. I have not yet been blessed with any child of my own so I am like the auntie of the group. I love to spoil all my nieces and nephews as aunties do.

Interesting Fact: My favourite song is Gloria (G-L-O-R-I-A). Ask Mum or Dad to sing it if you don’t know it - they definitely will!

Highland Cattle

There's a whole herd of us!

Hi there, we are the Highland herd. As you can see, we have sturdy bodies with a very shaggy coat, a fringe over our faces and long spreading horns. Our colours vary from yellow to red, or even black.

We are long-lived and can withstand harsh weather conditions, that's why you will still see us out in the fields in the winter – We're proper cows us, not like them lot in the cow sheds… more like pussy cats they are!

Interesting fact: We have lived on Croxteth Park for 80 years.

Other animals on the farm

Our other animals are listed below. Many of these are rare breeds too!


Boreray (Endangered)
North Ronaldsay (Endangered)
Manx Loaghtan (At Risk)


Clydesdale Horse
Falabella Ponies
Shetland Pony


Bagot (Vulnerable)


Brown Leghorn Chickens
Silkie Chickens
Aylesbury Ducks


Middle White (Vulnerable)

Tamworth (Vulnerable)

Gloucester Old Spot (Minority)