Birds of Prey

Birds of Prey Experience

Contact us to book a ‘Birds of Prey Experience’ and you will soon be handling and flying hawks, falcons and owls, enjoying hawk walks and watching displays.

The experience will be shared with a group of up to ten people receiving real hands-on and up-close birds of prey encounter. Everyone will have the opportunity to have a bird of prey sat on their fist while being educated in a fun way about that bird, in particular, its role in the wild, and also the importance of the work that it does with us in captivity.

Within the session, participants will have the chance to handle up to six different birds including owls, hawks, and falcons found in the UK and all around the world.

A major part of the experience is the chance for your group to witness a selection of the birds actually flying to and from the falconers and to the gloved fist of each of the group members. This gives you a real insight into the flight, wingspan, and grace of the birds of prey.

The falconer-led experience lasts for one hour. During this time you will meet a selection of our birds of prey and have the rare opportunity to get up close and personal with several birds including handling and feeding.

Once you’re comfortable being around and handling the birds, the next stage is to begin a flying training session, where the group can enjoy watching the grace and agility of the birds in flight and even have one of

The sessions are educational but with an element of humour and fun, making for a wonderful experience for all ages and making an ideal gift for any occasion.

Our Birds of Prey


We have a wide range of owls on our farm. These include barn owls, little owls a snowy owl and several kinds of eagle owl.

Other Birds

We also have a range of other birds of prey such as harris hawks, falcons and an eagle.

At weekends you can join our falconer for an interactive display of one of the birds flying in our indoor arena.

There are also informative handling sessions timetabled each day.

School Visits

We can bring a range of our birds to you. Visits can be adapted to meet the needs of your children but will usually consist of an interactive presentation, where the children will learn all about these fascinating animals, combined with a chance to get up close to all of them, handle some and if space is available, have the opportunity to see at least one fly.


  • £150 per hour
  • £450 – Full day

To book any of the birds of prey experiences offered, phone 07802883266 or email You can also contact us via Facebook or Instagram.


One Person

Two Person

Three Person

Four Person