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Welcome to Croxteth Park Farm

Croxteth Park Farm is a traditional working Victorian Farm set within the grounds of Croxteth Hall and Country Park and was formally owned by the late Lord Sefton’s estate. Our Farm houses many different species and rare breeds of farm livestock. We are one of the biggest rare breed farms in the country, having over 20 different breeds identified as Priority or At Risk on the RBST watchlist. The farm has been managed by NSC since 2014.

Breeding programmes are vital for the survival and sustainability of such rare livestock, the animals at Croxteth play a significant role in this with offspring being sent to other farm parks to increase genetic diversity and develop new breeding programmes for their respected breeds. As a member of the Rare Breeds Survival Trust we are committed to helping to secure the future of native livestock and equine breeds.

Our Rare Breed Farm Animals

Many of our animals are included within the RBST breeding programme and each year we welcome many new births. Our current breeding groups include our herd of Irish Moiled cattle. The herd at Croxteth was developed in 1984 and was the first Irish Moiled herd on mainland Britain. Since then, over 200 calves have been born with many being sent off to new breeding groups throughout the UK. All of our breeding females have been born at Croxteth and are one of the most genetically important herds of Irish Moiled.

Our other rare breed cattle produce calves via artificial insemination; due to the rarity of each breed, it is impossible to keep a breeding bull for each cow. We work closely with the RBST to select the correct bulls to use on our cows in order to create a genetically diverse calf.

Our Pig breeds (Middle White, Saddleback, Oxford Sandy and Black and Gloucester Old Spot pigs) produce multiple litters of piglets per year. Each breed is carefully selected for their suitability at Croxteth, many piglets reared join existing breeding programmes.

Our rare breed sheep and goat breeds also produce offspring each year. Visit our rare breeds page for a closer look at the breeds we have.

Perfect for Families

Spend some time at our farm and make friends with a range of rare breed animals. Our animals are a friendly lot, well used to contact with members of the public. Take part in our daily timetable of activities: from grooming the ponies to meeting our small animals, we have plenty to keep you entertained.

Small animal handling is available everyday from 10am, no extra cost!


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