Rare Breed Animals

Rare Breed Farm Animals

Here you can see some of the rare breed animals we have at Croxteth Park Farm. Many are listed as priority, the others are at risk. We also have some breeds which, thanks to successful breeding programmes from farms such as ours and the RBST, have increased in population enough to move off the Watchlist. Our breeding programmes are carefully organised to help to keep these rare and valuable animal breeds alive.

The Irish Moiled herd at Croxteth was developed in 1984 and was the first Irish Moiled herd on mainland Britain. Since then, over 200 calves have been born with many being sent off to new breeding groups throughout the UK. All of our breeding females have been born at Croxteth and are one of the most genetically important herds of Irish Moiled.

In addition to our cows, we also have many rare breed pigs, sheep and goats as well as our magnificent shire horses.


  • Gloucester: Priority
  • Irish Moiled: At Risk
  • British White: At Risk
  • White Park: At Risk
  • Native Aberdeen Angus: At Risk
  • English Longhorn & Belted Galloway: Formerly considered to be Priority or At Risk breeds.


  • Middle White: Priority
  • British Lop: Priority
  • Large Black: Priority
  • British Saddleback: At Risk
  • Gloucester Old Spot: At Risk
  • Oxford Sandy and Black: At Risk


  • Bagot: At Risk


  • North Ronaldsay: Priority
  • Boreray: At Risk
  • Soay: At Risk
  • Wensleydale: At Risk
  • Greyface Dartmoor: At Risk
  • Kerry Hill, Jacob and Ryeland: Formerly Priority or At Risk breeds


  • Shire Horse: At Risk

Rare Breed of the Month: Irish Moiled Cattle – Classified as At Risk

The Irish Moiled, originally from Ireland, is one of our rare and most distinctive cattle breeds. It is a red or roan colour with some white on the body. They grow a thicker coat in winter and like to be outdoors, even in the coldest weather.

Did you know? When bought in 1984 the Croxteth herd was the only one on mainland Britain, today it is one of the largest herds in mainland Britain.

In addition to our herd of Irish Moiled cattle in the field, we also have Mollie who comes into the farm each morning with our other cattle breeds.

For more information on the breed visit the RBST site at https://www.rbst.org.uk/irish-moiled