Lizzie, our gorgeous donkey foal born on 21/4/22 (The Queen’s birthday). Congratulations to the proud parents Willow and Arthur!

Meet our Mangalitza pigs! This unusual looking breed was almost lost in 1993 with less than 150 sows left in total. They were first imported into the UK in 2006.

Born in 2022!

We already have lots of piglets born on the farm this year.

We are now taking bookings for our grotto and breakfast with Santa! The grotto is open daily from 6th-23rd December, visit our grotto page for more information.

The pygmy goats love their new playground and enrichment activities!
Five Oxford Sandy and Black piglets arrived on 30th August 2021, all being well looked after by their mum.

Our alpacas look so much cooler with their hair cut ready for summer!

Dolly, our adorable shire horse filly born May 3rd 2021. 

Meet Norma and Ruby our shire horses. 

These lovely ladies arrived on our farm in October and are already very popular with our customers.