Our lambs have started to arrive! Look out for rare breed soay and greyfaced dartmoor lambs when you visit.

Our Easter chicks have also hatched and can be seen in the small animal area. These will join our other birds on the farm once they are old enough.

Our annual TB testing took place on Tuesday 5th March. First up was Ellie, who at 15 years old, had been tested many time before and handled it like a professional!

It’s a Boy!

Our gorgeous shire horse Ruby, give birth to her foal Georgie, this morning (5th Feb). Both are doing well, they will be out on the farm next week once they have had some time to settle.

Our donkey stables and bull pens have been renovated and restored. Each donkey has their own area to rest when they’re not in the paddocks or sand paddock. The bulls each have an indoor and outside area to their pens. At the moment these are occupied by our bulls who are in from the fields while it is so muddy.

New Arrivals!

Three young Jacob sheep ewes arrived a few weeks ago and can now be seen on the farm with the rest of our animals. This breed are multi-horned, usually growing two sets of horns as they get older.

New Arrivals!

Nine piglets born on the farm on 11th November and Angora goat kids, bought in October.

Our horse stables have now been restored and refurbished, work on the donkey stables is already underway!

Happy Retirement to our Golden Guernsey Goats!

Our gorgeous Butter, Nut and Squash retire this month. They are going to spend their retirement together in a lovely small holding in Cheshire. A favourite with our visitors, they will be missed.

Rare Breed of the Month: Irish Moiled Cattle

The Irish Moiled, originally from Ireland, is one of our rare and most distinctive cattle breeds. It is a red or roan colour with some white on the body. They grow a thicker coat in winter and like to be outdoors, even in the coldest weather. Did you know? When bought in 1984 the Croxteth herd was the only one on mainland Britain, today it is one of the largest herds in mainland Britain.

New Arrival Due Spring 2024!

Ruby, one of our shire horses is in foal. She is doing well and is due to give birth in spring next year.

These ex-battery hens arrived on the farm on 3/5/23 and will live the rest of their lives with us. Once settled in they will be free to walk around the farm and go in the paddocks with our other birds.

Meet our Anglo-Nubian goat kids!

We now have Anglo-Nubian goats, three siblings, Annie, Phil and Eddie. They are being bottle fed by the farm staff at the moment and already love the attention they’re getting from our staff and visitors. You can find them in the maternity suite along with our pygmy goat kids.

Our Goat kids have started to arrive!

We have two sets of twins both born on 8th March and a single kid born on 1oth! We are expecting a few more new arrivals very soon.

We have our highland herd on the farm this week for TB testing day.

If you visit the farm remember to look out for the highland calves.

On Tuesday you can watch as the vet carries out the TB testing on all the cattle in our farm!

Congratulations to our Highland Herd!

We have welcomed the arrival of several calves this month. Fergus, with his blonde coat, is the most distinctive of these. He is also the oldest of the calves, born two weeks earlier than the others.

Our new indoor seating area for dog walkers is now open in the cafe garden from 8am daily.

Pingyang having her sun screen topped up this afternoon, then getting a nose rub off Olivia for being a good girl!

All of our pink pigs need to have sun protection on in hot weather, they also have plenty of shade and water to keep cool and hydrated.

How gorgeous are our ryland sheep? Colin and Clive were born in March this year and arrived on our farm a few weeks ago.

Meet our Mangalitza pigs! This unusual looking breed was almost lost in 1993 with less than 150 sows left in total. They were first imported into the UK in 2006.

Lizzie, our gorgeous donkey foal born on 21/4/22 (The Queen’s birthday). Congratulations to the proud parents Willow and Arthur!